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Found Images, Obvious Methods

Stan Woodard's 1994 Collages

I was lucky to acquire a number of issues of the monthly preview catalog published by one the world's top auction house. These collages were made from images found in those catalogs.

Click on a title below to see the full size version, then click each full sized image to go to the next one. Enjoy!

  Each image may take a while to load, but they are worth the wait.


Email your comments or your interest in
 high quality photo reproductions.

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Her Vision of Empire 111KB


Plenty 167KB

Levitation Demonstration 113KB

A Gift, Not a Weapon 155KB


Byron 112KB


Carnage Witness 155KB

A Situation 169KB


Funerary Barge in Rough Waters 234KB

Wishes and Dreams 223KB


Expectancy Outweighs Reality 167KB

The Diviners 138KB


Forgetting is the Only Sin 182KB

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The artworks represented on these pages are the property of the artist and are available for non-profit use with proper credit given to Stan Woodard.


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